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      Hello and welcome.  I would just like to spend some time telling you about hypnosis and how our minds work.  You see we never think

about how our mind works.  We basically say to our selves, if we think about it, I think so I exist and we leave it go at that.  Our minds essentially

operate at two levels, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, or sometimes called the inner-conscious mind.  They do different things and they

sometimes have a hard time inter-relating and communicating with each other.


      Our conscious mind is where we spend most of our time, and it only does four things.  It is the analytical and/or task oriented part of us. 

It is also the rational part. This is the part of our mind that gives us the reasons why we behave in a particular fashion.  See if we don't have a reason why

we do the things that we do, we become anxious, nervous, frustrated, and we become stressed.  It is also the problem solving part of us.  It is always trying

to solve some problem.  The next part of the conscious mind is will-power, and we all know how that works.  Especially if you ever wanted to lose weight or

stop smoking.  We wake up in the morning with our mind set that today is the day.  We are motivated, so we think.  as the day go on and stress begins to

play a part in our lives,the rational part of the mind kicks in and begins to remind of all the times we did not succeed.  We begin to become anxious

and frustrated.  We know what happens next.  The last part of the conscious mind is working memory (short term memory).  It is the memory

that we need to get us through the day.

      Now the real you, me, and everyone else live in a level below the conscious mind called the subconscious or the inner-conscious mind. 

This part of our mind is awesomely powerful and can make us into anything we would like to be.  Thin, rich and famous, happy or sad, it is the real us.

Our subconscious mind directs how we perceive and relate to the world around us. For change to take place we must implement change at

the subconscious level.  When we were born we were born with a clean slate so to speak and as we began to go through life we started to pick up the

programming that was around us.  Hypnosis is simply a way to speak directly to the subconscious.  To understand how the subconscious mind works,

you need to understand that it is very much like a computer and it operates just like a computer operates.  A computer can only operate based

on the programming that is placed in it, and it must operate on that programming, it has no choice.  So you know when you change the programming

in the computer it can no longer operate on the old programs and it must operate on the new programmed information that has been placed into it. 

This is the way our subconscious mind works.  It is a computer.  It functions on the same rules and regulations as an electronic one, only the subconscious

mind is more powerful.  We program our computer every day of our lives through life experiences.  When we are born, our computers are basically

un-programed, there is a little bit of programming, but not much.

      Every day we add programming to our internal computer.  Now the primary rule of our computer is this, it must, underline, exclamation point,

make up into the type of person it perceives us to be, based on all the programming that has been place into it.  That programming will continue till the

we pass on.  For example if it says we are fat or thin, a success or failure,  or even feels unworthy, than that we are.  It adds up all the programming

and makes a decision about us, about the type of person we are.  This programming has been placed in there from many sources and it must and will

operate on this programming.

     The second programming that we have in the subconscious mind is habits.  We actually have three kinds of habits.  We have good habits as well

as some bad habits, but most of our habits are utilitarian habits.  These are habits that we automatically respond to in a certain fashion when something

happens.  When the telephone rings, for example, we don't look at it and wonder what it is, we simply pick it up and depending on our mood , we answer

it in a certain manner.  When we are watching television and it is time to leave the house, we automatically just turn it off, most times we don't even have

to think about it, we just do it.

      Now the next part of our subconscious is the home of all our emotions, but our our emotions sometimes get us into trouble. 

The conscious mind cannot deal with emotion in any way, that is not part of its job.  Anytime we need emotion our conscious mind parts like

the Red Sea and we deal with this particular situation  from our irrational, juvenile like, but highly intelligent subconscious mind.  Like I said,

it sometimes gets us into trouble.

      Now the next part of the subconscious mind, and probably the most important part of us, is our protective mind.  It protects us against danger

real or imagined.  Whatever the subconscious mind imagines it is just as if it was actually happening.  It can not tell the difference.  This is the part

of our mind where our perception is, the way we perceive things is our reality.  So when we change our perception we can easily change behavior. 

For permanent behavioral change to take place, the most effective and efficient way is to make positive changes at the subconscious level.  Although

the subconscious mind is very powerful it is also very lazy, it likes to keep things the way they are.  So for positive change to take place you have to

really want the change.  Our design as humans is the more we practice the better we get.  It is very important to understand that if an idea, a thought,

or a concept is allowed to go into the subconscious mind it must happen.  You are changing the programming and that inner mind must respond to new

programming.  By making positive and acceptable suggestions directly to the subconscious mind at at time when we truly want change to take place, we

can make wonderful changes with relative ease.  this is because the subconscious doesn't have the capability to analyze anything.  It simply takes an ides

or it doesn't.  If it likes the idea it will attach it self to that idea.  But if the suggestion is a little bit uncomfortable for any reason, it is automatically blocked

with the conscious mind and it is not allowed to enter the computer and there is no change. 

      So in order for suggestions to be accepted you have to have the desire to make the changes.  An "I CAN " attitude can be the deciding factor between

achieving great success, or succumbing to failure.  People with the confidence and faith in themselves and a willingness to test their limits are the ones who

accomplish great things.  It comes down to the deciding factor whatever we think we are we become.  The statement ' I think it, so I am " is a vital statement

for the subconscious mind.  By accepting positive suggestions of " I AM " at the subconscious level, change takes place.  By changing our perception of ourselves

we are able to change our lives.  Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool that can help unlock your mind's great abilities and potential.  When in this beautiful

state of relaxation your awareness becomes a thousand times more enhightned

      Because of all the misconceptions and fears about hypnosis, it keeps a person from going into this that beautiful state of physical relaxation and mental

alertness.  Now the key point is that you must allow change to take place, no one can make you do anything that you do not want to do.  You are in control

at all times and you and you alone are responsible for your success.  And you and you alone are responsible for your failure.  What mental attitude you take

when you hear a suggestion determines success or failure.  The hypnotist is a guide or coach.

      Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that can enhance well being and lead to a happier, healthier, more productive life.  So on the contrary to popular belief,

the person being hypnotized is always in control.  Hypnosis is a 100% consent state by you. So in reality all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.