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           Are you Looking for change?

              Do you desire greater rewards from your life?

                  Do you have a dream for your life, for can't find the courage, or the confidence to live that dream?

                     Have you struggled with your priorities and feel that you're headed in the wrong direction?

                                Is your work-life balance all work?

                                      Is your family becoming disconnected?

                                          Has your spouse turned into a roommate instead of a partner?

        If you answered yes to three or more of these questions then you are looking for a Life coach.  We have all asked

    ourselves these questions at some point in our lives. We all get caught up in things that are either unfulfilling or



        Today, athletes and actors rely on coaches to support them to improve their talents and stay focused.  Most people

  can benefit having a partner in their success. If you have goals, or a desire for a higher quality of life,you can benefit from

  working with me as your coach.  No matter where you are in life, there is usually a desire to create more. 

  This may be more success,more money, more friends, more sense of meaning of life, or more spiritual connection. 


       Sometimes we fall into a trap, become over worked, stressed, our health is jeopardized, not enough time to enjoy

  life more fully; develop strained family relationships, lose focus, or lack productivity. For many they end up not enjoying

  what they worked so hard to get!  From this trap we create self-sabatage and a loop is formed.

                   Coaching is action-oriented, so people in their present reality are able to more forward to exceptional levels.


   People often ask me " what is coaching?" It is defined as a partnership formed to help people get from where

they are to where they want to be.  It is built upon listening, hearing, empowerment, support, commitment,

caring, and action.

I welcome clients who want to achieve:

personal, career, and business success while creating more meaning to their lives.

       My areas of Specialty:

                                                                              Sessions are based on a three month commitment. 

                                                            One hour each week either on the phone or in person, one-on-one. 

First session complementary.

Achieve your goals today.

For more information call 201-460-9155 or e-mail: Newhorizonshc@aol.com